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Export and Import

Using its market expertise, Agro International provides its suppliers and customers with the best commercial solutions for their businesses after analyzing every detail necessary for a successful purchase or sales of products from or to another country and following all procedures and regulations to import or export its products.

Logistics and Documentation

Agro International team is committed to deliver its clients a world-class supply chain services, including complete process of logistics – transportation of cargo from the factory or any point (A) till the final destination, according to the customers’ needs. This includes preparation and control of the whole set of necessary documents in order to nationalize the cargo when arrived at point (B).

Brokering Solutions

Agro International has developed strong alliances with several key suppliers from South America and using its wide range of networking is able to fulfill its customers’ demands of any kind of frozen meat or protein products, at the same time, help its suppliers and partners reach new markets.

Consulting Services

Agro International team has the right knowledge and experience that helps your company put the first steps as well as to further grow your business into the international markets. The team has the right tools to develop new products and packaging solutions, product technical specifications and quality assurance, assist in plant communication with the foreign governments and help with the language barriers to promote your product to the world.