Company Information

Agro International is the company you can trust to provide you with high quality frozen foods anywhere in the world…


   Agro International provides world-class products through its services to hundreds of companies in the manufacturing industry, food and restaurant businesses worldwide. Currently the company exports frozen meat and seafood products to more than 50 countries in the world respecting local customs’ rules and regulations of each importing country. The company is achieving successful results due to its young but experienced team members, extremely competitive prices by delivering international logistics and documentation services of the highest standards.

   Agro International staff consists of experienced professionals who are able to provide innovate solutions for its products, packaging, logistics and also financing matters to all its trading partners. The company provides solutions in the whole negotiation process, from initial contact to product development in compliance with the laws and import regulations of each country, documentation process, shipment programming, cargo monitoring and international logistics services to deliver the goods safely to the final destination. Agro International values businesses based on trust and mutual commitment, acting with absolute integrity and transparency in its negotiations. Long-term business and mutual commitment are the strong values of the company.

Why work with us

   Agro International ensures its product quality based on carefully chosen suppliers, by being present at the suppliers’ facilities. Team members’ international experience in negotiations and trade, coupled with young and positive energy makes Agro International a different company with essential and modern tools to keep you always in front of competition. This team knows the importance of information at hand to get you prepared to the challenges of the current market conditions with its increasingly speeding exchange of information.


   Agro International is recognized in the market for acting with credibility and having access to up to date market intelligence in the frozen meat industry. Full analyses of market trends make the company stay in front of its competitors; thus, can offer to its customers and suppliers, an overview of the current market.

Presence Abroad

 Agro International offices are located strategically in Brazil, The Netherlands and Dubai to better serve its customers and suppliers in the main markets of the globe.



   Agro International contributes to a better world promoting a responsible business behavior in the society in which it operates by being environmentally responsible and also by creating social activities to support community schools and people in need of help, especially by helping the younger generations to grow with an optimistic view of the future full of hope and achievements. Agro International understands that being proactive toward a social or environmental problem can be thousand times more effective than reacting to it.